Thursday, December 11, 2008

Trials and tribulations

If you read my last post you know that I've been single this semester. And it has certainly been an interesting experience. This was my 1st semester where I really paid attention to the kind of boys here at GW. Freshman year I was busy drinking and making bad choices. I spent all of sophomore year with the bball star (as I've decided to call him). So now I get the fun of trying to find a good guy here amongst the frat boys and future presidents.

A few weeks after the bball star and I broke up I made out with a guy at a frat party (I know, I keep making cracks about frat boys but their parties are a good way to meet an endangered species at GW- the straight male). Anyway he wasn't in the frat. We made out for a while but then I had to rescue a friend from a serious creeper which I think sent the wrong signal to this guy and he peaced. I saw him on the street recently. He wasn't as good looking as drunk me thought he was. Shocking.

My next prospect was a guy I met an engineering party (I have engineering friends. The parties are actually super fun). We flirted over several weekends. There was some touching. I gave him my #. Nothing ensued. I started to get kind of down about it until my friend assured me that engineering boys have no game. I'll make myself feel better by thinking that.

The next in a line of catastrophes was my roommate's ex-boyfriend. He visited for a weekend and spent a fair amount of time touching my leg and trying to hold my hand. Even if I hadn't known about the plethora of terrible things he did to my roommate, I still wouldn't have hooked up with him. He was my roommate's ex-boyfriend! epic failure. He later inquired to my roommate about why he was unable to get with anyone while he was here.

And those have been the highlights of my semester when it comes to guys this semester. woo.

I think I'll save my diatribe about boys at GW for another day because I have a lot to say on that topic.

But I'm going abroad next semester, so I'll get a little reprieve from the lovely boys here.


f.B said...

"why he was unable to get with anyone while he was here."

total lack of awareness, maybe?

The Pumpernickel said...

Going abroad will be a great thing for you. It'll give you a chance to clear your mind, and just make yourself an even more awesome person. Nothing like running around Barcelona at 1 in the morning to make you feel alive.

Word of warning though: don't push yourself to find men (I'm just as guilty as that, sadly), you'll find them when the time is right. I've looked for love in all the wrong places (how cliche, lol), and I've decided that it'll come when it comes. Now I just have to remember it!