Tuesday, December 23, 2008

this is going to sound insensitive, but...

being home for winter break feels like being unemployed. Or at least my daily schedule resembles that of the unemployed people whose blogs I read. I sleep a lot. I've been home for less than a week and have read 3 books. I recently discovered that there are exercise videos on 'on demand' so I'm trying to work out now (especially since every day my mom comes home with more cookies from work). I have to think really hard to figure out what day of the week it is, which is a weird feeling. I didn't leave the house today.

But I do appreciate the fact that I am not unemployed and that there is an end in sight for life as a couch potato and I feel badly about complaining. In 30 days I fly far away, and a few days before that I'll return to DC to say goodbye and celebrate the inauguration. I've been home for 6 days and I'm pretty bored already, but things should pick up with Christmas and then after the holiday I should be able to spend more time with my friends.

In other news, this semester there was a kid I sort of liked who was in one of my classes but I concluded that he didn't like me and wasn't that upset about it. We talked a lot in class and exchanged numbers and we texted about school stuff during the semester. But since break he's texted me a couple of times just being like "what's up?" and we talk about random things. He knows I am leaving the continent in a month so I'm a little confused why he's so chatty now. Boys are weird.

Also, my mom works at a school, and today she caught two 8 year old girls talking about having sex. That's horrifying.

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