Monday, December 15, 2008

i have been in the library for 5 hours...

... and i have only written about 3.5 pages. that is pretty bad for me. i only have to write 6 but it has been torture.

things distracting me:

- half of my right foot is numb and has been for a few days. i have spent a good deal of time on webmd coming up with a diagnosis. after discarding some scarier options, i think i have lyme disease (though i lost all respect for webmd after this summer when i put in my symptoms and "bubonic plague" was one of the options is gave me). i have to go to the doctor this week anyway to get some shots for my impending foray into the third world.

- constantly checking my email. i rarely get important email, but that doesn't mean i don't need to look every 10 minutes or so just in case. and then my gmail checker just mocks me with "No New Mail!" what are you so happy about gmail checker?

- watching bad tv on my computer. it is less boring than just writing my paper, but is probably the reason i have accomplished so little.

- reconnecting to gwireless. i love my computer. mostly. i don't love it when it makes me re-sign onto wireless every 15 minutes.

- as it has passed midnight it is now my roommates 21 st birthday. i am still underage, but once i am done my finals tomorrow it should be a good time.

- it is also my brother's fiancee's birthday. i'm trying to find a good e-card. one that is not sponsored by a vacuum company. thanks

also i have eaten all of the snacks i brought with me but i finally found a good spot with an outlet so i don't want to move.

i know, i have a hard life....

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f.B said...

the plague? really? balls. doesn't WebMD know that if it becomes undependable you're gonna have to consider going to student health?