Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dwindling Days

Tonight is my last night in Pennsylvania until June. That is weird.

I'm done packing. I hope that I have everything I need without packing too much. But I have that sneaking suspicion I packed way too much. I realize that while things are very different in Cairo, I'm not going to a remote village in the Serengeti so I will be able to purchase things there. But I've never had to pack for 4 months before. Struggle.

What also throws a kink into my planning is that I will be spending 5 mostly chaos filled days in DC prior to flying to Cairo. I have people I want to say bye to and all the inauguration things going on so I can't even really think about Cairo yet. Lots of stress. Plus riding amtrak from Philly to DC tomorrow is going to suck.

Having spent a month at home doing mostly nothing, I feel like I'm in a funk. I sleep a lot but during the day I still feel tired and kind of out of it. For the past few weeks I mostly spend my days watching TV and playing solitaire. I'm looking forward to having things to do. Classes even. whoa.

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